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Cyplexinol® contains Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) naturally found in bone.

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Discovered Through Science
Naturally Present in Bone

In the early 1960’s, an orthopedic surgeon name Dr. Marshall Urist asked the question - what is it in bones that allows them to regenerate? This question fueled his research as the head of bone research at UCLA. Dr. Urist discovered a new protein which, when mixed with a specific stem cell (namely, mesenchymal stem cell or MSC) this protein activated those cells and turned them into bone and cartilage building cells (osteoblasts and chondrocytes). Dr. Urist noted the stem cells changed or morphed into these bone and cartilage building cells and so he named this new protein Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMPs). In 1965 he published his findings in the prestigious journal of Science entitled, The Autoinduction of Bone, as he coined the term osteoinductivity – the ability of a protein to turn on stem cells to grow bone and cartilage tissue.

Since his seminal work, many have followed in Dr. Urist’s research. Advances in cell and molecular biology throughout the 1970s and 1980s have now shown us that Dr. Urist’s discovery was not one protein but rather a whole family of proteins. Today we know of 22 different BMPs in the human body with BMP-2 through 10 located in the bone.

The impact of Dr. Urist’s contribution to medicine and healthcare wasn’t? truly realized until the early 1990’s when the first commercial BMP-complex was used by orthopedic surgeons for bone healing and spinal fusions. This natural complex contained the BMPs found in bone along with key growth factor. The BMPs activate, stimulate and transform the MSCs into osteoblasts and chondrocytes while the growth factor assist in the maturation of the new cells so that bone and cartilage tissue can grow.

Pharmaceuticals and biotech companies have worked on developing synthetic versions of some of the BMPs. Even with today’s technology it is impossible to synthetically create the natural protein complex with the BMPs and growth factors bound to it possessing the same pharmacokinetics and clinical results.

In 2007 ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc. revolutionized the natural bone and joint health industry with the introduction of Cyplexinol®, the first oral, all natural, BMP- complex.

Cyplexinol® has been available under the trademark Ostinol and has been used by thousands of healthcare professionals, patients and consumers across the globe with great clinical success.

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Biologically Active Proteins

Cyplexinol® is a partially hydrolyzed collage/BMP- complex, which contains:

  • BMPs (Bone Morphogenetic Proteins)
  • TGF-Beta (Transforming Growth Factor Beta)
  • IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor)
  • bFGF (Basic Fibroblastic Growth Factor)
  • VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor)

Cyplexinol® (Nature’s BMP – complex):

  • Naturally activates bone & cartilage growth*
  • Is functionally involved in bone & cartilage formation*
  • Help maintain natural bone & joint homeostasis*
  • Has a natural immunoprotective effects against inflammation*


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“BMPs have been shown to be the Osteoinductive growth factors in bone.”1
 - Dr.Marshall Urist, discoverer of BMPs

1- Urist, MR Delange RJ Finerman GAM, Bone cell differentiation and growth factors.  Science 1983 220:680

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