How does Chondrinol® grow and fortify joints and cartilage?

Chondrinol® contains Cyplexinol®, scientifically tested to fortify joints and cartilage plus glucosamine and chondroitin.

The Science of Chondrinol®

Joint Basics

Our joints are an extremely dynamic and integral component of our body. They allow us to be mobile, lift, jump, grab and embrace not only the people within our lives, but life itself. Our joints perform these critical functions of movement, but also act as a shock absorber, enduring tremendous pressure and force when we run, play sports, or jump. To handle these functions and keep us mobile, our synovial joints are made up of some unique components, one of which is articular cartilage and another is the fluid which bathes our cartilage known as synovial (pronounced sĭ-no´ve-al]) fluid.

The cartilage in our joints is but one of the many forms of cartilage that the human body produces and needs to function. This cartilage is known as hyaline cartilage, which contains specialized cells that produce the cartilage tissue or extracellular matrix. This cartilage is avascular, which means it does not contain blood vessels, so nutrients must diffuse through the tissue to keep the tissue healthy.

Also diffusing through the tissue are the newly formed chondrocytes which come from the important synovial fluid in between our joint spaces. The new chondrocytes are derived from specialized stem cells, known as mesenchymal (pronounced m z- ng k -m l) stem cells or MSCs, which can only become bone or cartilage producing cells when activated. Chondrocytes produce cartilage tissue so as to keep our joints healthy, flexible, and functioning well.

As some people age, they develop dysfunction in a particular joint. For some, this occurs in multiple joints. Worse yet, for others, it occurs at a very early age. If we look at how many people have a joint or cartilage condition, the numbers are staggering. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are approximately 66 million Americans either with a healthcare professional or self diagnosed joint problem. This accounts for 27% of the adult US population. More specifically, the 66 million people affected represents over 37% of adults over age 40 - that’s 1 in 3 people in the U.S.!

Since the proteins in Cyplexinol® (namely the BMPs) are shown to be actively involved in addressing inflammation, people report feeling better in days to weeks, not months!

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