Breakthrough Research

In 1993 a group of researchers completed a pre-clinical study showing that the ingestion of a natural BMP-complex resulted in healthier bone. Most intriguing was the fact that the scientists were able to extract this BMP-complex naturally rather than try to create them synthetically. Additionally, this natural method of extraction allowed researchers to use all of the BMPs and growth factors found within the protein complex. This resulted in a novel and natural approach to bone tissue growth.

The researchers demonstrated that after taking this BMP-complex every day for one month, bone bio-markers were increased substantially, with no adverse effects on any other tissues or organs. The researchers even measured an increase in the amount of bone tissue messenger protein which is expressed directly from the DNA. In short, researchers were able to show that this natural BMP-complex taken orally could stimulate and activate the mesenchymal stems cells at their DNA level to become new, active, osteoblasts, producing bone tissue – the missing critical component so calcium could bind to produce strong and healthy bones.

The process of activating mesenchymal stem cells and turning them into osteoblasts to produce bone tissue is known as osteoinduction (pronounced osteo-in-duction). It was discovered by Dr. Marshal Urist and published in the prestigious Journal of Science in 1965. Today there is an entire medical industry known as osteobiologics from which surgeons can select osteoinductive products to grow bone and cartilage post-surgically.

Cyplexinol® is the same, all natural, bio-active protein complex researched since 1965, used surgically since 1991 in millions of patients, shown to work orally since 1993 and has been available to healthcare professional since 2007 as Cyplexinol® Bone and Cartilage Stimulating Proteins.

The Research Continues

In 2001 and 2002 researchers showed in two independent studies, that using just two of the proteins from this novel bone-building BMP-complex, when taken with calcium and vitamin D, grew more bone in women then taking vitamin D and calcium alone. When comparing these results to a long-term study of over 36,000 women taking calcium and vitamin D, adding the BMP-complex to the traditional mineral regiment showed as much as three-times more bone growth, confirmed via DEXA scan – the gold standard.

In 2007 this novel BMP-complex was formally introduced into the natural healthcare arena by ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc and is today known as Cyplexinol®. Cyplexinol® is the same, all natural, bio-active protein complex researched since 1965, used surgically since 1991 in millions of patients, shown to work orally since 1993 and has been available to healthcare professionals and consumers since 2007 as Ostinol Bone and Cartilage Stimulating Proteins.

The Cellular Activator

Ostinol is the first supplement to contain Cyplexinol® which contains the same BMP- complex proven to activate and stimulate mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts – the cells which produce the critically needed bone tissue so calcium and minerals can bind and fortify bones. Ostinol, powered by Cyplexinol®, is a safe, powerful and natural stem cell activator for all adults concerned about bone tissue growth.

Ostinol Standard

Ostinol Standard

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Putting It All Together

As we now understand, complete bone health requires bone tissue growth coupled with mineral fortification. To meet the needs of those concerned about their bone health, ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc has developed Pro-stiminol® Osteoinductive Bone Supplement System. This is the first nutritional supplement kit that increases the body’s ability to build bone, and strengthen bone, the way nature intended. It is scientifically formulated and clinically tested to help patients achieve maximum bone health benefits. Pro-stiminol® contains one bottle of Ostinol (powered by Cyplexinol®) and one bottle of Tricalcidin-3®. Ostinol stimulates the bone tissue growth while the organic calciums in Tricalcidin-3® bind to the new tissue and fortify it for strong healthy bones.

For those needing more bone tissue growth additional Ostinol can be combined with the Pro-stiminol® kit for increase osteoinductive stimulation.

Pro-stiminol™ Bone System

Pro-stiminol Bone System

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